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Taranaki is home to many world class engineering businesses. It is a great place to do your apprenticeship.

Of the 16,000 engineering apprentices who have qualified through Competenz and ATNZ since 1992, more than 1,000 qualified in Taranaki. Right now, there are over 220 engineering apprentices in the Taranaki region and more than 500 workers learning on-the-job across all the Competenz industry sectors.

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If you’d like to find out about how you can sign an employee into apprentice training, please contact one of our local Account Managers and we’ll arrange to visit you.



Alan Lockett (South Taranaki)
p. 027 667 8008
e. a.lockett@competenz.org.nz

Angus Ryburn (New Plymouth)
p. 027 554 2355
e. a.ryburn@competenz.org.nz
Competenz offers two service options for businesses to train apprentices.

ELEV8 Scheme

  • I’ve got an existing employee who is a great candidate for an apprenticeship
  • I’m confident I have the time and ability to recruit a good apprentice
  • I’d like to be the apprentice’s formal employer
  • I or my staff have the time and ability to provide coaching and mentoring.   

Find out more here.

ATNZ Scheme

  • I haven’t got time to recruit a suitable apprentice
  • I like the idea of someone else taking on all the formal employer responsibilities
  • I’d like to pay for my new apprentice on a contract basis
  • I don’t have spare resource for coaching and mentoring

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