How we work with you

Are you a school teacher or careers adviser helping a young person into a career?

Tools4Work: preparing students for on-the-job vocational training

Our Tools4Work programme gives secondary students hands-on experience to prepare for a career in engineering while they achieve NCEA standards.

We develop practical projects with learning resources that build basic engineering skills. We also produce tools and materials to help you build their students’ skills.

Helping students learn about career opportunities in our industries

The 37 industries Competenz supports provide 12% of New Zealand’s jobs. Our careers team will help you show your students the great career opportunities available in the trades.

Helping students get started in our industries

Our careers team can help you get your students started on careers in our Competenz industries. We can help identify opportunities for work experience, company visits, and apprenticeships.

Become a Competenz-accredited school

Competenz accreditation tells employers that students graduating from your school have met the standards industry expects. Check out the information on the right of this page, or talk to our careers team.