October 29th, 2014

Training for Competitive Advantage at Rollforming Services

Rollforming Services graduates

With eight graduates now holding the National Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing Level 2, Auckland-based Rollforming Services have gained a competitive advantage in their trade, thanks to improved processes and methodology implemented by their learners. Since 2013, Competenz has worked with Rollforming (and provider Training in Supply) supporting their learners to achieve their Competitive Manufacturing qualifications.

“By upskilling our employees we gain a competitive advantage in our industry”, says Steven Cook, General Manager. “The training has had everyone engaged, improved thought processes, and has let us get input from all employees to develop safe work practices. Our employees have benefitted in terms of personal development and, with their newly learnt skills, they can contribute to making positive changes to our work place”.

Employees at Rollforming have come a long way with the company, with most having worked there from 7 to 12 years. Their passion for what they do has strengthened their commitment to training and providing an even better quality service.

Competenz Account Manager Joanne Verry says “I was very impressed with the sense of achievement felt within the team and the pride showed when the staff spoke of their projects”. Training provider Keith Robinson of Training in Supply, has also supported the team throughout with a focus on creating opportunities for continuous improvement for the business.

Competenz congratulates all the graduates:

  • David Sampson
  • Abela Ravarua
  • Senituli Langi
  • Greg Ellis
  • Steven Cook
  • Regan Shirley
  • Krystle Voss
  • Joe Vainepoto

Special mentions to Abela, Senituli and Joe who have achieved their first qualification.

About the Competitive Manufacturing qualification:
Tailored to Rollforming as follows

  • Specific focus on streamlining manufacturing processes
  • Implementing projects in the workshop to improve processes such as quarantine procedures, standardising ordering and writing their own procedures. Currently three people are writing procedures for operating machinery.
  • Key focus areas: 5S methodology (structure and flow) and process improvement (operations)
  • Examples: shadow boards used across the workspace to store tools in the most efficient way possible and a full revision of all administration procedures to improve Inventory Management. 

In addition to the Competitive Manufacturing Certificate, Rollforming decided to run a tailored Special Credit Programme (SCP) through Competenz and Training in Supply, encompassing overhead crane operation, workplace communication, safe work practices on an engineering worksite, and job safety analysis.

About Rollforming Services Ltd:

  • Specialise in producing roll formed steel profiles for over 18 years
  • Manufacture and supply components for customers in both New Zealand and Australia.

Photos of the graduation can be viewed on the Competenz Facebook page here.