September 2nd, 2011

Tools4Work Revamp

Welcome to the revamped Tools4Work website. The main purpose of this revamp is to improve the way you access information and resources from Tools4Work. What does it mean for you?

Brand New Website and Resource Centre

The new Tools4Work website is very easy to navigate and is linked to other parts of Competenz for more information on a trades career. There is also a "Schedule" page where you can see our National Schools Moderator, Brian Lane's moderation and events schedule. 

We have also constructed a new Tools4Work Resource Centre, which trumps the old system in terms of simplicity and user interface. You will find it easy to access everything you need.

Tools4Work Document Refresh

Alongside the web revamp, we have redesigned many of our documents to make them cleaner and tidier. If you have any feedback please drop us a note at