May 14th, 2014

Competenz Plastics Scholarship 2015

Plastics scholarship

If you wish to apply for a Competenz Plastics Scholarship 2015, click here for the application form.

The Competenz Plastics Scholarship 2015 is now open for applications. Competenz has two scholarships of $3,000 towards the cost of the Plastics Processing Technology Diploma at Level 5.

Competenz scholarships are for those completing or wanting to complete a Level 5 Diploma in Plastics Processing Technology. The National Certificate in Plastics Materials Level 5 forms part of this diploma, which is the highest level qualification available to processing specialists in the plastics industry.

Please note, a minimum of 10 enrolments into this course are needed for the Scholarship to go ahead.

This is the perfect opportunity to advance your career to the next step after completing an apprenticeship. This qualification is designed to supplement the skills and knowledge of processing specialists working in various sectors of the plastics industry and will develop technical leadership skills.

People interested in this qualification might be technical managers; process and production planners or management specialists; or people who are involved in work-based training in the plastics industry.

It is recommended that participants have an understanding of polymer morphology, melt flow and the properties of plastics materials.  Some knowledge of chemistry in relation to plastics materials would also facilitate their learning. Unit standard 9708 Explain the influence of polymer morphology on properties and processing (level 4, 7 credits) would cover these requirements. 

This qualification may follow on from the National Certificate in Plastics Processing Technology (technical) Level 4.

To be eligible for the scholarship candidates must meet any prerequisite requirements for the qualification.

The scholarships are open for application until 4pm, 29 May 2015. “Anyone who has already enrolled into an eligible qualification from the 1st of May 2014 will be able to apply. Or if you intend to enrol but haven’t done so yet you will also be eligible,” says Fiona Kingsford, General Manager Trades, Competenz.

For more information about the scholarship or to discuss whether you are eligible email Adrienne Donne on