December 21st, 2010

Strategic Training Plan 2010-2015 for the manufacturing sector

All industry training organisations (ITOs) in New Zealand must, as part of their skills leadership role, identify skill needs in the industries they serve and develop strategic training plans to assist industry in meeting those needs. This role entails ITOs taking a helicopter view of skill needs. This plan identifies the skill needs of the industries Competenz serves, and Competenz’s strategic response to those skill needs.

What it covers

Competenz broadly covers food and beverage manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, other manufacturing, and related industries such as rail and maritime operations. This plan takes a wide view of “skills” and “training”, as well as the manufacturing sector. Many of the skill needs identified here have implications well beyond Competenz. So, as well as actions for Competenz, implications for the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) — Competenz’s government funder, education and training providers (providers) and the manufacturing sector itself are also identified. The plan has a five year time horizon. The scope of this plan includes all the industries within Competenz’s coverage except rail and maritime operations. The manufacturing sector is complex. Each industry has its own distinct drivers and trends. In addition, many occupations found in manufacturing can also be found in other industries. This is a high level sectoral plan, which means that some of the broad strategies identified are more relevant to some industries and occupations than others.

How it was developed

This plan draws from a rich evidence base which Competenz has compiled over the last few years — both qualitative and quantitative research and other evidence. The most recent research studies have included interviews with manufacturing employers, providers and other stakeholders. Competenz will seek feedback from its stakeholders on this draft plan. This plan also reflects current tertiary education priorities. Click here to download the full report.