March 4th, 2013

Skills to take to the World

Jaric Savill started his apprenticeship with ATNZ in May 2010. After being seconded to Aztech for 12 months he decided to see how he stacked up against the best in New Zealand and participated in the WorldSkills National Championships.

Competing in the welding category, he ended up finishing third, a respectable result by anyone’s standards, but not so for Jaric. Looking to improve on this result, Jaric competed for a second time, this time taking out the title. 

Now he is representing New Zealand in the world championships in Germany this July where young people from 52 countries around the world compete to become the best of the best in their chosen skill. Jaric says winning the title has opened up opportunities and bought with it new and exciting challenges.

“I’ve never been out of New Zealand so it will be awesome competing in different countries. Meeting people who do the same trade around the world is a great opportunity to see how the skill differs internationally, it’s an awesome learning opportunity and it gives me a good chance to up-skill.”

The same drive and motivation that gave him his national title also allowed him to successfully complete his National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Level 4) - a significant step closer to realising his ultimate goal of owning his own business.

With a national title under his belt (and fingers crossed, a world title) there is little doubt that Jaric has the ability and work ethic to make this happen. But Jaric’s education won’t end with his Level 4. Building on all the skills he has gained in achieving his qualification Jaric plans to undertake an advanced trade or diploma.

Supporting him through his qualification is his employer Aztech Engineering. Working at Aztech Engineering has been instrumental in his success he says. They provide him with support and ensure that he is constantly being challenged by the wide range of work available. An added bonus he says is the fact that “all the guys there are awesome to work with.”