July 15th, 2014

New Zealand Butchers win Tri-Nations in Yorkshire

Pure South Sharp Blacks 2014

New Zealand’s Pure South Sharp Blacks have won the Tri-Nations Butchers’ Challenge after taking out Australia and Great Britain last week.

The competition held in Yorkshire, England proved our butchers are still the very best in the world, as the team of six will now bring home the trophy for the second year in a row.

Following many months of refining their skill, it all came down to two hours where they turned a side of beef and a whole lamb into value added meals, creating over 50 impressive products fit for a top shelf butchers display.

For Cantabrian Team Captain, Corey Winder, winning gold on the other side of the world has been a career highlight.

“When it comes to butchery, the Brits have a lot of history not to mention passion invested in the trade. So for us six butchers from New Zealand to be recognised for our skill is pretty rewarding.

“On top of that, the feeling of representing your country and doing them proud is really indescribable,” says Corey.

The team is managed by Hellers founder, Todd Heller, who also travelled to the UK with the team.

“The competition is an exciting opportunity for our top butchers to be more creative, innovative and put our talent on the map. It’s an elevation for the industry,” says Todd.

To make it into the Pure South Sharp Blacks team, applicants from around the country were selected after a nomination and trial process. The current Pure South Sharp Blacks will return to Auckland to defend their positions in the team against a trialist team on 11 September.

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Source: Retail Meat New Zealand.