May 26th, 2014

Molloy Furniture produces another leading craftsman

Molloy Furniture

There can be few more pleasant ways to celebrate success than with family and friends. That’s how Alex Rau marked the completion of his apprenticeship - with a celebratory lunch laid on by Molloy Furniture, which was attended by his parents, co-workers and his assessor, Colin White.

‘I always like to make an effort to present the certificate in person,’ says Colin, who has been working with Molloy Furniture for over 10 years. ‘After all the hard work, it seems a shame to receive it in the mail.’

Both he and Greg Stuart, the Competenz Account Manager, are full of praise for the Auckland firm. ‘Molloy Furniture has always had a great training ethos,’ says Greg. ‘They really mentor the young guys and consistently produce top quality craftsmen.’

Alex Rau, who was awarded Furniture Apprentice of the Year in 2013, is the tenth apprentice that Greg Stuart has seen through Molloy Furniture but he’s not the only one to achieve glory. Several former apprentices have done well with awards and one has represented New Zealand at the World Skills Competition. It’s a track record that Vincent Molloy can feel very proud of.

‘We’ve had 25 apprentices over the years. We try to extend them all the time. Everyone has equal opportunity doing all the work here. They get coaxed along but we make them accountable so they feel part of the decision-making and part of the company.’

As for Alex, he’s happy to have made the grade. With the new router he was presented with by Vincent Molloy, he’s already busy training the new apprentice.

‘Now that I’m qualified, there’s a bit more responsibility – and a pay rise which comes in handy. But it’s pretty much business as usual. Here, you’re never treated like an apprentice. You’re paid to work, and you’re doing productive work from the start.’

Molloy Furniture is a business with a good family atmosphere, a great reputation for training excellence and workplace satisfaction. It’s therefore not surprising Alex called the company every Monday morning for nine months to secure an apprenticeship. Then again, that’s all history now.