July 8th, 2013

Meet Alec Jackson; one of your Health & Safety reps

Growing up with an engineer for a Dad, Alec Jackson started his engineering career young – with Lego. “I guess it just built up from that!” says the 24 year old.

After high school, Alec moved from his home town Tauranga and enrolled in an Engineering degree at the University of Canterbury. Two years into it, Alec decided university wasn’t for him – he wanted to work hands-on – and so the hunt for an apprenticeship begun.

Alec moved back to Tauranga, and after multiple jobs, he finally got lucky when he contacted Page Macrae Engineering. Since that, no two days have been the same for Alec. “Yesterday I was in Auckland servicing a skate table that unloads steel from containers, and the day before that I was making a plinth mount for a lathe. There’s no such thing as a regular day for me.”

Now in the second year of his Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship, Alec has been given some extra responsibility. His boss, Grant Holland, nominated him for the ATNZ Health & Safety committee. “We review any incidents that happen, look at the possible causes and then work out what changes need to be made to prevent this happening again in the future,” says Alec. It’s an important job.

The last recorded data from Statistics New Zealand found that 1 in 10 workers made a claim to ACC for a work-related injury. That’s a number Alec and the rest of the Health & Safety committee are working hard to keep down.