June 6th, 2013

Mechanical Engineering review launched

Competenz is leading the review of Mechanical Engineering and will be developing the suite of new New Zealand qualifications that result from the review.

The mandatory review of Mechanical Engineering qualifications was officially launched on 8 May with a Stakeholder Workshop in Auckland attended by 30 people from the education sector and industry.

The Stakeholder Workshop discussed the background, scope and process for the review, the existing range of qualifications and the appropriate Governance and Working Group structures necessary to ensure a robust and efficient review.

A Governance Group has now been appointed and will meet for the first time in mid-June. Competenz has started work on the needs analysis that will support subsequent applications to NZQA for presentation to the Governance Group, prior to release for wider consultation.

One of the Governance Group’s first jobs will be to develop a detailed plan for carrying out the review, including the consultation and communication strategies. All major documents and updates will be posted on the dedicated Competenz TRoQ page, or to find out more information please email Bill Sole, Competenz Industry Leadership Manager.