June 6th, 2013

Lean Hub held at Fletcher Aluminium

Fletcher Aluminium hosted the second Competenz LEAN Hub in May. Despite a lightning strike disabling their security system the night before, Sen Chen and the Fletcher Aluminium team were excellent hosts to nearly 50 representatives from businesses around New Zealand engaged in LEAN.

Fletcher Aluminium began their LEAN journey in 2005. Competenz has worked with them for more than 5 years, supporting over 120 learners to achieve manufacturing qualifications. Unique amongst our Competitive Manufacturing customers, Fletcher Aluminium has put 11 people through the National Diploma and now make a National Certificate in General Manufacturing a pre-requisite for working in the factory. They have also provided support around Literacy and Numeracy for many of their employees.

Bimal Sheth, Fletcher Aluminium’s Environmental Manager, talked about the waste elimination (RRR) journey at Fletcher Aluminium that began in 2008. They set a target of a 95% reduction in waste going to landfills annually and have reached 92% to date. They started small with the removal of rubbish bins from desks and involving all staff in generating ideas for waste reduction. One area where they have made a huge impact is with the disposal of 80 tonnes of aluminium powder every year.  This is now given to another supplier and used in special paint products and saves Fletcher Aluminium around $60,000 per year in landfill fees.

Competenz can support you in your LEAN or Competitive Manufacturing journey and we hold 3-4 LEAN Hubs per year that are open to all interested organisations. Let us know if you would like to be included on our invitation list.