September 12th, 2014

Government re-boot subsidy boosts apprentice numbers in Competenz industries

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Employers in Competenz industries around the country are responding to the Government’s re-boot subsidy by taking on more apprentices. Competenz has paid out over 1,000 re-boot subsidies in the year to the end of July 2014 ($4.2 million in total and $2.25 million to employers).

“The subsidy is encouraging employers to take a fresh look at apprenticeships, and that’s a big win for the New Zealand economy,” says Jim MacBride-Stewart, Competenz GM Industry Training.   

“New Zealand is short of skilled tradespeople, so it’s good to see the government promoting apprenticeships with employers in this way.”

Jim MacBride-Stewart says that taking on an apprentice is a big decision for any company.

“A subsidy like re-boot can tip the balance when a company’s considering taking on a new employee as an apprentice, or putting an existing employee through training.”

Apprentices receive financial benefits from the re-boot scheme too, with a subsidy towards the costs of tools and study courses.

“The apprentices we support often talk about the financial benefits of an apprenticeship: a job at the end of their study and no student loan,” says Jim MacBride-Stewart.

“The re-boot subsidy is another example of how an apprenticeship can help these learners get ahead financially.”

About the re-boot subsidy

  • The government set up the re-boot subsidy to increase the number of apprenticeships in place across New Zealand.
  • New apprentices who sign up for training before 31 December 2014 can apply for $1,000 towards the cost of tools and off-job course costs, or $2,000 if they are in a priority trade.
  • Employers are eligible for equal payments.
  • Priority trades include these trades which Competenz supports: boiler making, welding, sheetmetal working, fitting and turning, mechanical engineering, fabrication, refrigeration and air conditioning, lift and elevator servicing, fire protection systems.
  • Conditions apply.

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