April 23rd, 2014

Forestry TRoQ Website Launched

Forestry TRoQ website launched

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is reviewing all New Zealand's national and local qualifications. These reviews are called “Targeted Reviews of Qualifications” or TRoQ for short. TRoQ will result in a suite of qualifications that are smaller, simpler and more relevant to current and future employers and learners. These improvements will make it easier for:

  • learners and employers to use the qualifications to build the skills they need
  • training providers to deliver qualifications
  • industry training organisations like Competenz to maintain and support qualifications.

Competenz is leading twenty-six industry reviews covering 320 qualifications. This involves working closely with our industry and training partners (e.g. industry associations, employers and training providers) to review existing qualifications and confirm the new qualifications that will help New Zealand learners, employers and industries build skills, careers and businesses. We are also contributing to 10 reviews which are lead by other industry training organisations. Competenz is well into our TRoQ for forestry, wood manufacturing and furniture sectors. We invite you to visit our new TRoQ website for more information about our progress and how you can contribute.