July 31st, 2013

Engineering impresses industry

“The standard of engineering from these students is very high.” So said Brian Lane, Competenz National Schools Moderator, when he visited the Engineering Department at Macleans College last month.

He was inspecting the Industry Training Modules made by three skilled students. Connor Lord produced a BBQ top made out of sheet metal for the Level 3 module; Bayley Main made a fishing reel out of aluminium, brass and stainless steel, for Level 2; and Cameron Fisher created a weather vane out of aluminium and brass for Level 1.

Connor Lord is also involved in a nine week Gateway Programme at Air New Zealand Engineering Services. Here he is exposed to a variety of work-related jobs and next year he would like to be accepted on to the 32 week training programme at Air New Zealand.

There is a close working relationship between the college and Competenz and last year one of the school’s graduates, Zafir Ali, was successfully accepted into a four year apprenticeship in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Zafir is completing the apprenticeship with Comfort Cooling Ltd, and his Competenz Account Manager Andy Beauchamp says he is extremely impressed with the standard of work produced by Zafir.