February 27th, 2014

Engineering Apprenticeships in Taranaki - you now have a choice


Dear Taranaki Businesses,

Engineering Apprenticeships

You now have a choice between Competenz and ETC for management of Engineering apprenticeships in Taranaki.

ETC has been given approval under a government pilot scheme to directly access industry training funding for apprentice management. This pilot will run until December 2015

Click here to see a pdf of a letter from the Tertiary Education Commission clarifying the situation. Competenz still offers you everything we have since 1992. You now have the option to sign new apprenticeships with the ETC direct pilot, or you can continue to sign up all apprentices (and Level 5 and 6 trainees) with Competenz and get support for all your training needs.

  • Competenz continues to operate our full service in Taranaki, in competition with ETC. Our local account managers are still here and signing on new apprentices.
  • Access to the Government's Reboot scheme is for all apprentices across all trades and Competenz continues to facilitate this programme.

Of the 16,000 engineering apprentices qualified around New Zealand since 1992, 1,000 have been from Taranaki.

Competenz works with industry to design national qualifications, develop all resources and assessment materials, ensure the quality of delivery, contract providers and support training in the workplace. In Taranaki, we do this through our local account managers Angus Ryburn (central New Plymouth) and Alan Lockett (Southern Taranaki). Gus and Al are available to explain this in person as is Area Manager Ken Wilkinson. If you would like to discuss this letter or have any questions at all please contact me or Fiona Kingsford, GM Trades.

  John Blakey p. 027 471 3235 e.
  Fiona Kingsford p. 027 448 8687 e.

If you would like to sign up apprentices and organise assessments, please contact:

Alan Lockett p. 027 667 8008 e.
Angus Ryburn p. 027 554 2355 e.

Yours sincerely,

John Blakey,
Chief Executive, Competenz