June 11th, 2014

Eastland Wood Council Awards 2014


As part of our ongoing support for the forestry industry, Competenz is a proud sponsor of regional forestry awards and graduation events.

Last month the Eastland Wood Council held their annual awards in Gisborne and Competenz was pleased to sponsor the Training Category which comprised the following awards and winners:

Apprentice of the Year

Matt Stewart - Stewart Logging (pictured)

Trainee of the Year

Mere McCabe - Harvest Pro Log 7

Training Company / Contractor of the Year

Juken New Zealand


Eastland Wood Council Awards Press Release

An innovative thinker with impeccable detail to safety who always looks to improve how he and his team work, walked off with the supreme award at the 2014 Eastland Wood Council Forestry Awards.

John Wyllie, of Forestree One, won the Eastland Wood Council’s Skilled Forestry Professional of the Year trophy, and had earlier been presented the individual Forestry Excellence Award before a record 420-plus people at the fifth annual awards.

Mr Wyllie started his own forestry career in 1990, and today employs up to 40 staff through his company Forestree One, which he created in 2003. He is known for his highly-professional manner and for providing his workers with a safe and healthy working environment. He always looks to educate his staff across the industry.

Mr Wyllie was applauded for his proactive approach to the industry, which meant he was always ahead of the game. A recent comprehensive health and safety audit of 20 Hikurangi Forest Farms harvesting and silviculture crews, scored him in the top five. Those at the Showgrounds Events Centre heard how his silviculture/data collection company constantly benefits from his strengths of innovation, success, pride and efforts to improve across the board.

In presenting the award, Eastland Wood council chairman Iain McInnes described Mr Wyllie as exemplary.

“He has proven himself to be a worthy winner. His decision-making is top class and his organisational skills and industry knowledge are exceptional.”

A new award recognising outstanding regional service performance was won by Integrated Safety Solutions. The award recognises a business or individual who provides goods or professional services to the forest industry, but is not directly involved in the production or distribution parts of it.

Judges Julian Kohn from Kohntrol, Jeremy Christmas, the Head of Department – Forestry and Resource Management of the Waiariki School of Forestry, and Eastland Port manager Andrew Gaddum were impressed with the high standard of nominees this year, and particularly the increased use of technology and innovation for health and safety within the industry.

The number of entries in the Outstanding Environmental Management Award category – won by Stewart Logging Ltd – highlighted the shift in priorities in two short years.

“The category was full and the nominations extremely close in quality and performance,” said Mr Kohn.

And it was encouraging to see a new layer of nominees coming through, which showed how the industry is being shaped for the future. Statistics compiled from an economic impact assessment of the forestry industry in the

Gisborne-Tairawhiti region, and done by the University of Waikato late last year, showed the direct value of forest production in 2011/2012 was $225 million from 154,000 hectares.

And there was significant economic flows associated with wood production, harvest, transport, port handling and process activities, and the expenditure of wages and other forest income.

It is estimated the industry contributes a further $383 million to the regional economy. Other benefits included the benefit forestry has in maintaining land through the prevention of slips and erosion that damage hill country, lowlands and infrastructure.

Within the next decade, the Gisborne-Tairawhiti regional plantation forest is expected to grow from 154,000 hectares in 2010/2011 to 180,000 hectares. Log production in 2011/2012 was 2 million tonnes, with 1.8 million tonnes of that exported in log form. By 2020, harvest volume is expected to jump 51 percent, reaching 3.2 million tonnes.

The flow-on of that is the likely regional economic impact would top approximately $631 million, and the $94 million currently paid to in wages and salaries to Gisborne residents, is likely to increase by $55 million.

China continued to be the biggest market for logs from the region, with India coming up behind.

“We will get to a point in the next five to 10 years where we will not be able to produce any more in terms of total volume, when we reach our sustainable cut of 3.5 million cubic metres per annum.”

There is plenty of work going on behind the scenes to ensure the region coped with that, and that it continued to run efficiently in all aspects. Eastland Wood Council chief executive Trevor Helson said the awards night was a brilliant way to celebrate an industry that was so vital to the region.

“It’s a great way to focus on those who do the work and recognise the highly-skilled jobs they do,” he said. “The pride and impact these awards have been having is quite staggering.”

He thanked the many sponsors for supporting the event and recognising the value of the industry.

Other Award Results
  • Eastland Wood Council Skilled Forestry Professional of the Year, sponsored by the Eastland Wood Council: John Wyllie (Forestree One).
  • Trophies, Contractor of the Year (covers all supply chains including logging, roading, silviculture and distribution), sponsored by UDC: Blackstump Logging Ltd.
  • Forestry Family of the Year, sponsored by McInnes Driver Training Ltd: Stewart Logging Ltd.
  • Outstanding H&S Management Award, sponsored by Williams & Wilshier and Pacific Haulage Ltd: Raywood Contracting.
  • Outstanding Environmental Management Award, sponsored by Universal Engineering Ltd: Stewart Logging Ltd.
  • Outstanding Regional Service Performance Award, sponsored by C3: Integrated Safety Solutions.
  • Start Up Business Award, sponsored by Bain & Sheppard: RAD Logging Ltd.
  • Skilled Professionals, Forestry Excellence Award (individual – establishment, silvi, fire and roading), sponsored by Bay Trade Supplies: John Wyllie (Forestree One).
  • Roading Excellence Award (individual), sponsored by Eastland Port: Daniel Drummond (Forest Road Maintenance).
  • Harvesting Excellence Award (individual), sponsored by Stihl: Glenn Leef (Stewart Logging Ltd).
  • Distribution Excellence Award (log truck drivers, dispatch, port workers), sponsored by Ernslaw One Ltd: Reece Wanoa (Williams & Wilshier).

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