September 3rd, 2013

Client Breakfast - feedback and responses to your questions

What can we do better?

Industry is changing at a rapid pace and some of the qualifications are not fit for purpose. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has initiated a review of all Level 1-6 qualifications over the next three years, in a process called the ‘Targeted Review of Qualifications’ or ‘TRoQ’.

The review process was started in response to the Government’s concern that there are too many qualifications listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, and the system is too complex. The objective of the TRoQ is to streamline the qualifications framework. This will reduce the number of qualifications and make training easier for learners, industry and training providers.

Competenz views the TRoQ as an opportunity to engage with its stakeholders to better qualifications. This is a chance to remodel training pathways into New Zealand qualifications, where learners are armed with transferable skills that meet the needs of industry.

Competenz is currently reviewing our Manufacturing and Food and Beverage Qualifications through the TRoQ. It is imperative that we have Industry feedback to make sure the proposed new Qualifications are fit for purpose. Your Account Manager will be in touch to invite you to join in the review of the Manufacturing and Food and Beverage Qualifications.  

Some of the assessment guides and resources for Qualifications need updating and duplication needs to be addressed. Competenz is currently reviewing all resource material and assessment guides to ensure that we have products and services that are in demand.

As part of this process Competenz will ensure that we embed Literacy and Numeracy in our resources and remove any unnecessary material that is no longer relevant to Industry.  

Can Clients have access to a reporting portal that shows Learner progress?
Competenz is currently working on Client portal that would allow our Clients the opportunity to review Learner progress. We expect to have access available to the Client portal in 2014.  

Industry would like to see some more technical Unit Standards required for high level qualifications. As part of the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ), Competenz will be reviewing all Qualifications and Unit Standards to make sure that they are fit for Industry. Obtaining feedback from Industry at a technical level is imperative to make sure the Qualifications and Unit Standards fit Industry requirements. If Industry requires more technical Unit Standards – we will write them!  

If a learner has completed a Qualification with Competenz previously, are we required to supply a birth certificate or passport if they re-enrol?
The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) requires that Competenz identify learners that enrol in a program of study. Competenz is required to validate the full legal name, date of birth, gender and citizenship or residency status for every Learner. Once valid identification has been received, any subsequent training programmes will not require further identification.  

How do I get a Senior Leader in my company engaged in the benefits of Industry Training and can they participate in the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ)?
Competenz would love the opportunity to discuss the benefits of Industry Training with any Senior Leader in your company. Please do not hesitate to ask your Account Manager on advice around this.  With regard to the TRoQ, Competenz is required to involve multiple feedback groups from a technical to a strategic level.  If you would like a Senior Leader in your company to participate in the TRoQ please let Competenz know.  

What does Competenz do well?
Competenz moderation processes are robust. Industry is impressed with our moderation processes that have set a high bench mark for achievement of unit standards and qualifications on the NZQA framework. Competenz has become more flexible in thinking outside the box. As part of the strategic direction for Competenz we have become customer centric and continuously improve our processes to allow flexibility for Industry and our learners.  

Competenz Account Managers are supportive, accessible and give timely responses. Competenz Account Managers strive to build strong relationships with our Clients. Our Satisfaction survey results and Client Feedback is important to us and allows us to continuously improve our Client relationships.  

Competenz service is brilliant, whatever we ask Competenz delivers. Our Mission at Competenz is to have ‘Products and services in demand’. Whatever Industry requires – we will deliver.  It’s great to hear that we are on track!   Competenz gives strong Literacy and Numeracy support. At Competenz we want all of our Learners to achieve their qualifications. If additional Literacy and Numeracy support is required, we are happy to offer advice on interventions that support our Learners and Clients to achieve their qualifications.  

Competenz is great at taking our current in house training and mapping it to Qualifications. At Competenz we want to make things easy and we are flexible. Our Account Manager Team will always try to map internal training to Qualifications to remove administration duplication.