June 6th, 2013

Case Study: Race to the Top

Tayla Lampp is going somewhere – and fast.

Working at Rees Race Cars, Tayla is currently completing his National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Level 4 through Competenz. But Tayla doesn’t just get experience with the ‘bread and butter’ engineering typical for an apprentice. He also builds, and races, stock cars.

Stockcars comprise the biggest class in New Zealand speedway at present. Though not as powerful or sophisticated as their big cousin superstocks, they are still fast, providing plenty of full-contact racing action. And in the stockcar class, a growing number of cars are ones built by Peter Rees, and his apprentice, Tayla.

For Tayla, it helps having a boss who races. ‘Pretty much the best in the business,’ Peter Rees provides Tayla with a unique advantage - he gets to learn from the best.

Entering the sport at the tender age of 12, Taylor credits his father, who sadly passed away last year, for getting him into the sport and providing him with a lifelong passion.

Asked what it is about building and racing stockcars that he enjoys, Tayla replies:

‘The atmosphere of the crowd as soon as you get on the track definitely gets the adrenaline pumping. I have the chance to do the work that I love doing – working on, and racing, stock cars. It also gives me the opportunity to work to my best potential, and I will end up with a National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Level 4.’

Though Tayla isn’t sure what he would like to do in the future, at only 20 years of age he has plenty of time to decide. For now though he is being kept busy with the demands of his apprenticeship, work, and racing cars.

For updates on Tayla’s progress on the track, like his page on Facebook.