September 10th, 2013

Blackwoods Protector support for Tools4Work Programme

Blackwoods Protector has entered into a significant support arrangement with Competenz over the next two years, supporting our Tools4Work Engineering trades qualification programme in schools.Every year the Tools 4 Work Programme provides

  • Detailed project plans and designs for students
  • Support materials and workshops for teachers
  • Moderation of work to ensure high quality standards are kept


  • 243 secondary schools and 5,000 students nationwide
  • 2,500 students complete Level 1 National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2,500 students complete the Level 2 National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  • 170 teachers attend moderation sessions with Competenz moderator for quality assurance

Blackwoods Protector’s support, through donating a percentage of their sales of JBS tools, allows us to promote this programme to more students, more schools and more careers advisers. This means that more young people will see a clear pathway to a well-paying job and the opportunity to get qualified while getting paid. Studies all around the world show time and again that getting young people in employment and giving them more educational opportunities leads to better social outcomes for all of us. Thank you to Wesfarmers and Blackwoods Protector for your contribution.