February 27th, 2014

Apprenticeship advocate wins Kiwibank Local Hero of the Year 2014

Competenz congratulates Cecilia Sullivan Grant, a pioneer in the promotion of apprenticeships as a fantastic way to earn and learn at the same time.

Cecilia Sullivan-Grant was one of the first members of the Dunedin Mayor’s task force for jobs. She was instrumental within this group, for developing a tracking programme for youth leaving school, the Hitchhikers guide to Apprenticeships and the Graduation Ceremonies for Apprentices.

Working with schools and parents Cecilia developed the “Earn and Learn” campaign to promote apprenticeships at a time when apprenticeships had almost entirely disappeared, providing for the practically minded students to undertake an apprenticeship rather than the more formally presented tertiary education.

For more than 13 years Cecilia has worked primarily as a self-employment advisor to persons with disability so severe that mainstream work was not an option. Cecilia helped manage a portfolio of 40 successful small businesses and is a member of the internationally recognised Clinton Foundation.