Food & beverage manufacturing

Every day, nearly 30,000 people head to work in the food manufacturing industry preparing the foods that nourish us and contribute over $22 billion to New Zealand’s exports.

There’s nothing to be scared of - Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard

“We started like most companies – exploring new ways to engage our team members,” says Joe Bosnich, Training Coordinator at Pernod Ricard. “And after recently completing a workplace literacy programme we wanted to continue the momentum we’d started.”

So when Competenz offered the chance to gain the National Certificate in Food and Related Products Processing, Pernod leapt at the opportunity.

For some, this was the first qualification they had ever achieved and there was initially apprehension about not wanting to ‘go back to school.’

“Many were hesitant at first, but with the support of our Account Manager Joanne, they quickly realised that retraining and upskilling was absolutely nothing to fear” says Joe.

And Pernod has reaped the benefits. “We’ve seen our production staff really grow in confidence and begin to grasp that sense of ownership which is exciting,” explains Joe. “The programme was a great way to refresh and recognise the base knowledge they already had and it gives staff a platform off which they can complete more courses in future.”

And while Joe feels they have just started, he is delighted with their progress. “Now we’ve established a continuous learning culture, the team are now asking me ‘when’s the next course coming?’ So to get that feedback from those who were initially ‘not interested’ – it’s fantastic! It really has been a win-win for our staff and the business.”