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Every day, nearly 30,000 people head to work in the food manufacturing industry preparing the foods that nourish us and contribute over $22 billion to New Zealand’s exports.

Linking training to business success - Jack Links

Jack Links

Sitting in a boardroom in 2002, with no factory and no staff as yet, the senior management team of Jack Link’s New Zealand decided that one of the companies golden rules would be – ‘we are all open to learning.’

And this rule still stands today. “Training has been a basic business building block that we have promoted to all employees,” says Martin Beever, Technical Manager at Jack Link’s. “As we grow the business we need to learn, and as we learn we grow in confidence, and with confidence we build business success.”

Since day one training has been a crucial ingredient at Jack Link’s. Having to establish a new factory and the team within it in such a short time frame, Jack Link’s accepted that not all staff would have the specific skills needed for the job.

“We had Team Leaders turning up when we first started saying ‘Great to be here, but what’s Beef Jerky?’ So investing and building from within was, and is, seen as essential to ensuring long term business success,” says Martin.

Jack Link’s started off using external training providers but soon shifted to on-the-job in-house training techniques that could be more tailored to their business needs.

“With the tailored training comes increased understanding and more importantly confidence has grown. With confidence comes efficiency, with efficiency productivity.”

And what’s interesting is that since 2002 Jack Link’s team size has not grown, yet year on year exports have steadily increased – training, says Martin, is a contributing factor.