If you enjoy getting creative, working with technology and producing a useful product, a career in the printing industry could suit you

Nick Gribble - Licensys NZ Holdings, Auckland

Nick Gribble

Nick Gribble works at Licensys NZ Holdings in Auckland. He creates and produces license plates with a unique message or image printed on them.

These are exported around the world to countries including Australia and Dubai.

Nick completed his Digital apprenticeship through PrintNZ Training in 2012. He went on to become a finalist for the Print Apprentice of the Year Award.

He got into the industry about 12 years ago after applying for a screen printing role at Auckland company Tubepack. He went on to complete two apprenticeships – in screen printing and offset printing, before later moving on to work at Licensys NZ Holdings.

Nick likes being involved in every step of the process, from design to print.

“I enjoy developing new designs and print solutions for our customers, then seeing the finished products in the market place.

“Completing a new range of graphic personalised number plates with a high resolution graphic image for Dubai has been my biggest challenge. This was a very large, high quality job that was on a strict deadline. It was something I had not done before so getting that sign off was quite the achievement,” he says.

“My main job is to create and print the caption order. Caption plates are a license plate with a unique message printed on the top, bottom or both, in a choice of 13 colours. Then there are the Euros, which are the European style plate with different images printed at either end of it. These can be spot colours or CMYK.”

Nick is a firm believer in on-going education.

“The digital print apprenticeship has been incredibly beneficial to me. It helped with how I use my design programmes, to the way I look at a design. Now I’m analysing ads whenever I read a magazine. It has also helped with my work flow. Meaning that I am now a lot more efficient with my time on the computer.”

He is now working towards the Diploma in Print Management.

“I wasn’t that great at school but through PrintNZ Training I have passed three apprenticeships. It is truly a very large industry and the opportunities are endless.”

Outside of work Nick loves spending time with family, surfing, soccer and playing and building guitars.