If you enjoy getting creative, working with technology and producing a useful product, a career in the printing industry could suit you

Karyn Wilson - Printable Solutions, Christchurch

Karyn Wilson

Karyn Wilson is general manager of Printable Solutions in Christchurch.  She completed her Digital Printing apprenticeship at Christchurch company CQ in 2008.

Her hard work and positive attitude saw take out the Mainland Apprentice of the Year Award – recognising the achievements of apprentices in the South Island.

Karyn says when she left school she had no plans to go back to study. Completing an apprenticeship and winning an award for her efforts was a big boost to her confidence.

“I believe it has made me a stronger, more confident, more mature person who can take on anything.”

After completing her apprenticeship, Karyn was keen to take her study to the next level with the Diploma in Print Management through PrintNZ Training. She was keen to move up in the industry and saw the diploma as a tool to help her achieve this goal.

“I have always been adamant that I would not be “just a printer” and wanted to make a successful career in the print industry. I knew having a management qualification would play a huge part in getting myself out of the printer role and
get me closer to my ultimate goal of running a successful print company.

“I was really impressed with the help and support I received when completing my apprenticeship so it made choosing studying through PrintNZ Training an easy decision over Polytech or another training organisation,” she says.

By that stage Karyn had taken up a new challenge as operations manager at Printable Solutions. Initially she found it tricky to juggle the more demanding role with her diploma study. She decided to put some strict rules and time frames around her study and got her partner on board to “crack the whip” if necessary. Luckily that wasn’t needed!

Karyn credits the print diploma as helping her to land her current role of general manager. A significant achievement for a 27 year old.

“The diploma has helped me greatly in my day to day work. The biggest way it has benefited me is by giving me confidence in my new management position.

At this stage I am still very new to the role of general manager, so I have a huge amount to learn. The diploma has already been incredibly beneficial in my new role and I believe as I get deeper into the role I will be using those skills and the knowledge I gained even more,” Karyn says.

“I would like to complete some further study in staff management and HR. I feel that would be a huge asset to have and really help me in the years to come as I believe having happy, motivated staff is one of the key ingredients in running a successful business.”

Karyn completed her Diploma in Print Management in 2012 and was one of three finalists for the Top Management Trainee Award presented in May 2013.