If you have an inquiring mind, a thirst for news, enjoy meeting people and sharing information, journalism could be the career for you.

Janine Jackson – Journalist

Janine Jackson

Meeting new people and getting the opportunity to tell their stories is a highlight of the job for Hamilton journalist, Janine Jackson.

Janine works on a community newspaper called the Hamilton News.

“I love my job. Meeting new people from all walks of life is wonderful and I feel honoured to be able to tell their stories,” Janine says.

“Working on a community newspaper like the Hamilton News gives me the freedom to be creative, source my own stories and allows me to pursue professional development goals.”

Janine started her career as a journalist after originally working as a primary school teacher.

“I was looking for a new challenge. I thought about what my talents were when I was at school and English was always my best and favourite subject, plus I’m curious about people’s lives and this seems to be a good quality for journalism,” Janine says.

“I was lucky enough to get part time work at the Hamilton News while doing the Level 5 National Diploma of Journalism at Wintec in 2008,” she says.

In her new career chasing up stories and meeting deadlines, Janine has gone on to study towards the Level 6 National Diploma in Applied Journalism through the NZ Journalists Training Organisation.

Janine completed this advanced qualification in early 2011.

The National Diploma in Applied Journalism cements the skills learned during the Level 5 qualification. Journalists complete a series of modules using work they are producing on the job which is submitted for marking.

Journalism trainees are visited in the workplace by CMITO staff who provide support and advice as required.

Janine says completing the Level 6 Diploma has instilled confidence in her ability as a journalist.

“It’s sort of a confirmation that ‘you can do it!’”, Janine says.