Are you an employer wanting to build your team's skills?

Why train?

New Zealand and New Zealand businesses need skilled people.

The benefits of training

Training your people builds the skills that help your business:

  • operate productively and safely
  • lift quality and reduce downtime and waste 
  • increase your employees’ confidence, satisfaction and loyalty.

All that means a more competitive business.

The benefits of training on-the-job with Competenz

Training on-the-job to the nationally recognised qualifications Competenz supports is an effective way to build your business’ skills. Your employees are:

  • using your equipment and processes – so their learning’s relevant to your business 
  • learning in your workplace – so they’re there when you need them
  • gaining skills that meet industry standards – so you can be confident they can do the job.

Your people benefit too. They’re gaining nationally recognised skills that help them build rewarding careers.