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eLearning Service Update

This page is intended to provide current service status of our eLearning system. All maintenance notices and important information relating to the status of our services can be found here.

Current Status: [In maintenance]

[01/10/2015] 05:32PM: We have completed our maintenance and resolved all issues. Later tonight or tomorrow morning you should be redirected back to the eLearning login page when you go to:

Thank you for your ongoing patience and please contact if you encounter any issues. 

[01/10/2015] 09:45AM: Many of you will have received last night’s email advising that we’re experiencing some technical issues with our Competenz eLearning system. Unfortunately we’ve not yet been able to resolve the issues and we’re continuing to work on them. While we do this the eLearning system will unfortunately continue to be unavailable to you.

If you were working on your eLearning when the system became unavailable, your data will have been saved.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we’ll let you know as soon as the system is available again.

[30/09/2015] 03:59PM: We have taken our system offline for an urgent maintenance. You will not be able to login during this time. Currently there isn't an ETA on when the maintenance will be completed.