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Finding a job

What's #1 on the list of things the employers we work with say they’re looking for? Attitude! We can teach skills, they tell us. We can’t teach attitude.

Some tips for showing employers you've got a great attitude

  • 1.

    Show you're

    Employers want to know you're interested in their industry and their business. So take the time to learn about the company before you approach them.

  • 2.

    Be willing
    to learn

    Show employers that you've mastered new skills in the past - and that you're keen to keep learning.

  • 3.

    Show a great
    work ethic

    Your employer wants to be able to rely on you. Turn up on time, follow instructions and work hard!

  • 4.

    Be a
    team player

    Employers are looking for people who fit in. Show them you're friendly, helpful and reliable.

  • 5.

    Volunteer for
    work experience

    It's a great way to show you're interested in an employer's business and motivated to get ahead. And you may even get a job offer.

  • 6.

    Make a

    And stick with it! It can take a while to find the right job. Persevering will pay off!