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With Competenz eLearning, you complete your course work in your own time, at your own pace and at a place that suits you best.

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eLearning is Competenz's interactive, web based learning platform which gives access to interactive resources as an alternative to night class or correspondence for apprentices working towards the National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering and the National Certificate in Engineering Fabrication.

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Why choose eLearning?

At the beginning of each year, you will agree a tailored study plan with your Account Manager to help you achieve your credits. You and your Competenz Account Manager can track your training progress on a time-line which clearly shows which modules have been completed and passed. This helps you keep on-track with your work so you can complete your apprenticeship successfully!

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All the learning materials you need to support the achievement of your unit standards are located within eLearning content modules. Unlike printed reference materials, these content modules provide a rich multimedia environment where information and concepts are communicated dynamically, showing you how a particular process or procedure works rather than giving you lots of words to read.

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Many of the online unit assessments are automatically assessed and marked by the eLearning system. Your results are instant and your online training plan will be automatically updated when you successfully complete all the system-marked assessments. Some assessments that require longer written answers and portfolio evidence are uploaded via eLearning; so no more homework lost in the post! 

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Resolve your questions fast with the online messaging system. If you are stuck with anything in eLearning you can directly contact an experienced and qualified tutor without losing your place in the online learning material tutorial.

What people are saying

Yes I really like the eLearning programme and how it was set up, very user friendly and helpful that I could email my tutor straight from it and see my training plan and how I'm doing. I have finished it now but it is good to see that I can still go through it and have a read if I want to. I liked it.

David Bollmann, Plastics Processing Technology

We find that people who make great apprentices prefer eLearning because it is interactive and more visual than textbooks. There’s still reading to do, but we’ve put a lot of focus on learning with animations, graphics, and expert video tutorials.

Fiona Kingsford, GM Trades, Competenz