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Why train?

Training on the job grows skills. Skilled people working together grow businesses. Growing businesses mean a growing economy.

Why train?

Training is an effective way to build the skills New Zealand businesses and New Zealanders need to get ahead in an increasingly competitive world.

Building competitive, safe businesses

Training helps businesses build the skills needed to:

  • operate productively and safely
  • lift quality, and reduce downtime and waste 
  • increase employee confidence, satisfaction and loyalty.

All that means a more competitive New Zealand.

Building rewarding careers

Employees benefit too. By gaining skills they’re gaining opportunities: to advance their career, increase their earnings, learn new things, and maybe even own their own business and train their own employees one day.

Training on-the-job has added benefits

Training in the workplace with the nationally recognised qualifications Competenz supports is an effective way to build skills. Employees:

  • learn using their workplace equipment and processes – so the learning’s relevant to the business they work in 
  • gain skills that meet industry standards and qualifications that are recognised across New Zealand
  • learn in the workplace – meaning few absences and little downtime.