About us1

What we do

Competenz helps kiwis build skills, careers and businesses. We develop national qualifications and make it easy to learn on the job.

Competenz is one of New Zealand’s industry training organisations. We work with over 3,500 companies and 20,000+ learners in 37 industries around New Zealand each year to build skills, careers and businesses. Most learning takes place on-the-job.

Developing nationally recognised qualifications

We work with experts from the industries we support to develop nationally recognised qualifications (New Zealand and National Certificates and Diplomas).

Tailored training plans

Our 70 account managers are specialists in their fields. They work with companies to build training plans tailored to their businesses – then help their learners gain their skills in the workplace. 

Making the learning happen

Our Competenz team:

  • provides training materials and eLearning
  • visits workplaces to check on progress
  • arranges for learners to complete any off-job training they need (e.g. at a polytechnic)
  • assesses (or arrange assessments) to confirm learners have built their skills
  • moderates assessments to make sure they are fair, valid and consistent across the country
  • registers learners’ success with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. (We love this part of our job!) 

Supporting our industries

We also support our industries in many ways, including promoting careers in these industries, sponsoring industry events like conferences and competitions, offering scholarships and celebrating learners’ success.